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Sex, Lies & Cellulite cover*

Sex, Lies & Cellulite

Harlequin Next

Available in the USA, January 2007

USA ISBN # 0-373-88126-6

Her Life Was Spinning Out of Its Perfect Orbit...

Sylvia Hunter feels herself flying off in so many directions she can't make sense of it. Forget the fact that her perfect daughter is going through a Goth phase. Or that her overbearing mother-in-law and crazy aunt are going to drive her to murder. Something's up with her husband. And judging from Greg's recent lies... Well, the only thing that's certain is that Syl needs to act fast! Maybe she should dye her hair, lose those extra pounds--anything to get the attention again of the man she loves to distraction.

But what is Greg actually hiding? Possibly for the first time ever in their twenty-six-year relationship, they must be truly open with each other. And who knows what that could do to a marriage!

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Read an excerpt from Sex, Lies & Cellulite.

"One H-O-T read...You'll just have to read this!!"

-- Angela C.


"If you like humor in your story you should enjoy this book. There are some sad moments, some funny moments. This is a couple that has been married for 20 years or longer, the book reenforces the fact that communication is very important in any relationship. Good reading, I would call it chick lit rather than romance."

-- Donna M


"A fun read!"

-- Barbara B.


"I always enjoy a Next novel...had a ring of honesty."

-- Darlene S.


"This was a fast, entertaining read. It was a good, temporary diversion from my busy schedule. The author uses some good humor, too."

-- shannon B


"First book I've ever read by this author. I'll be looking for more. I read this book in one day. Really good book & it didn't end the way I thought it would. It had a way better ending."

-- Sarah H.


"Sex, Lies and Cellulite: A Love Story/* has a strong, humorous protagonist in Sylvia."

-- Page Traynor

, Romantic Times Magazine

Blue Moon Bride cover*

Blue Moon Bride

Harlequin Romance

Available in the USA, June 2006

USA ISBN # 0-373-03898-4


Roth Jerric may be drop-dead gorgeous, but as her ex-boss he's the last person Hannah Hudson wants around. A stay at the Blue Moon Inn seemed like the answer to her prayers, but finding she's sharing close quarters with Roth is hardly her idea of relaxation!

Roth can't understand why his existence disturbs Hannah so much. And can't understand just why he cares. Disillusioned with women, he's not looking for any romantic entanglement. But, try as he might, Hannah's one woman he can't ignore...

Read an excerpt from Blue Moon Bride.

Just Friends To...Just Married cover*

Just Friends To...Just Married

Harlequin Romance

Available in the USA, October 2005

USA ISBN # 0-373-03865-8

Getting Jax Back!

Kimberly Albert has always yearned for stability. Her boyfriend's just walked out and she's craving the one man who's always been there for her: her best friend, Jaxon Gideon.

Jax has loved her forever yet he's had to stand by and watch her live her life without him. Now he has decided that if he can't have Kim in his life, he wants her out of it! But Kim is starting to see a new side of Jax...a much more irresistibly sexy side...and she likes what she sees! Kim just has to prove to Jax that their friendship could be so much more...

Read an excerpt from Just Friends To...Just Married.

Bride For The Holidays*

A Bride For The Holidays

Harlequin Romance

Available in the USA, December 2003

USA ISBN # 0-373-03778-3

A convenient Christmas proposal!!

Trisha August is determined to be independent and will do anything -- well, almost anything -- for enough money to set up her own business. She can't believe her luck when hotshot Lassiter Dragan promises to give her a loan...

But there's a catch - she has to become his temporary 'wife' for the Christmas holidays!

Lassiter has sworn that he'll never make himself vulnerable through love. So a convenient, temporary wife seems the perfect solution to enhance his business image. Only, living as man and wife is harder than either of them expects. Lassiter is appalled to discover he's falling in love with his wife!

Read an excerpt from A Bride For The Holidays.

"A BRIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Renee Roszel is an endearing romance. The charming way these two characters find their happily-ever-after will leave a smile on your face."

-- Shannon Short


Surrender To A Playboy*

Surrender To A Playboy

Available in the USA, Available in both the USA and UK, June 2003

USA ISBN # 0-373-18098-5

More than a playboy...

Taggart Lancaster had reluctantly agreed to pose as his friend for all the best reasons. But his disguise is so successful that everyone assumes he's the womanizing playboy he's imitating. Mary O'Mara wants nothing to do with him---only, he's going to be around for awhile. So she's stuck with him.

The more she gets to know him, the more Mary becomes confused. She can't reconcile this gorgeous, generous man with the guy he's reputed to be. She's on the brink of surrender---but can their relationship survive once the lie---and Taggart's own dicey secret---are revealed?

Read an excerpt from Surrender To A Playboy.

"Surrender To A Playboy contains two of the most emotionally driven characters Ms. Roszel has ever written. The storyline was original and the way that Taggart and Mary interacted with each other alternated between heartwarming and hilariously entertaining."

-- Diana Tidlund


Bridegroom On Her Doorstep

Bridegroom On Her Doorstep

Available in the USA, November 2002

USA ISBN # 0-373-93725-2

Advertising for a husband?

The ad had appeared. She'd interviewed the candidates. Jennifer Sancroft was close to selecting a husband who would help secure a vital promotion. But when she met Cole Barringer all the potential candidates paled in comparison to this sexy bachelor.

The solution was obvious...

Cole was dead set against Jen's half-baked marriage scheme. Marry for convenience rather than for love? No Way! So how come it was Cole walking her down the aisle?

Read an excerpt from Bridegroom On Her Doorstep.

"This story is Renee Roszel at her best with characters and dialogue that are real and entertaining with a compelling story line. Readers will definitely have a smile on their face when they read this wonderful romance."

-- Shannon Short

, Romantic Times Magazine

"Sprinkled with just the right amount of humor, heartbreaking tension, and romance, Renee Roszel's Bridegroom On Her Doorstep manages to sneak into your heart and warm you from within. A must read this holiday season."

-- Diana Tidlund

, Writers Unlimited

The Tycoon's Temptation*

The Tycoon's Temptation

Harlequin Romance



Available in the USA, June 2002

Available in the UK, May 2002

USA ISBN # 0-373-03705-8

UK ISBN # 0-262-83006-3

It's not business, it's personal!

Mitchell Rath thrives on challenge. Taking over ailing companies has made him a powerful, wealthy man. But one business empire eludes himand it belongs to Elaine Stuben.

This determined tycoon has little time for pleasure--and no time at all for emotional involvement! But when it comes to Elaines company, Mitchells hardened heart starts to feel some unwelcome twinges of compassion. And, worse still, in her presence his cool reserve is fast giving way to an all-consuming heat...

Read an excerpt from the Tycoon's Temptation.

"Ms. Roszel's talent for portraying magnificently drawn emotions and arresting narration is emphasized very well in this highly recommended romance!"

-- Lenna Hyat

, The Best Reviews

Read the entire review.

Cowboy Country*

Cowboy Country with To Lasso A Lady

Harlequin Romance

USA ISBN # 0-373-21726-9

A Double Volume with TWO complete novels!
TWO Wyoming Ranchers...
TWO City Gals about to turn life on its ear!

Man From Blue River
Judith Bowen

Martha Thomas's job has been "downsized" out of existence, and on a whim, she applied for a job as companion or two girls on a remote Wyoming ranch. Who would think she'd end up married to the rancher from Blue River? Even if it was a marriage of convenience, a marriage for the children's sake. And even if she had to do the proposing herself!

To Lasso A Lady
Renee Roszel

Amy Vale was determined to be the best rancher's wife in Wyoming. She'd found herself someone nice to spend her life with. Passion, as far as Amy was concerned, was overrated--But Beau Diablo, Amy's future stepson, was not about to let his father make a fool of himself over some blond bimbo from the big city. He was going to put a stop to this marriage, and he knew just how to do it!

If you've recently discovered Renee Roszel, don't miss this double volume, COWBOY COUNTRY, with Renee's 'By Request' edition of TO LASSO A LADY!

Her Hired Husband*

Her Hired Husband

Harlequin Romance



Available in the USA, December 2001

Available in the UK, Oct/Nov 2001

USA ISBN # 0-373-21726-9

Instant Fatherhood!

Wildly good-looking Doctor Noah Barrett is a dream of a hired husband. Affectionate, caring, he should easily convince Sally Johnson's visiting family that he's a doting father for Sally's soon-to-be born baby!

Their pretend marriage is supposed to be a temporary arrangement. Only, there's nothing pretend about Noah's very physical response to Sally. And she can't help wishing this was 'The Real Thing'. But how will she react when it turns out that nothing about Noah is as she believes?

Read an excerpt from Her Hired Husband.

"Fans of Renee Roszel will not be disappointed in her latest as she charms readers with two lovable characters, humorous scenes and a cozy love story."

-- Staff Reviewer


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