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Win a book Autographed by Renee! Oops! Total Buzz Kill Announcement!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my autographed book contest that’s been running for literally YEARS. However, all good things must come to an end. Well, in this case, at least it must come to a screeching hiatus, while I trek the world for new novel ideas. Besides the trekking, I have recently been blessed with my very first—TA DA—grandchild. I know what you’re thinking, “She’s way-the-heck-and- gone too young to be anybody’s ‘Grammy.’ Too true. But what’s a mother to do, when her kid and his child-bride show up with a kid of their own? I ask you? No, I’ll tell you—a mother becomes a ‘Grammy.’ Now if that alone isn’t a good enough reason for a hiatus, please tell me what is.

Sooooo, besides trekking the globe for kickass (can a Grammy say kickass?) book ideas, I’m beginning my grandmotherly education by studying the fictional realms of such kiddy-oriented icons as Henry the Octopus and Squidward. Tragically, I’ve never been a particularly quick study, so it might take some time. Forgive me this contest lull, if you can. As somebody once said prophetically (most recently me, as I shouted it to my screaming daughter-in-law during her lengthy labor), “This too shall pass.” And do keep in touch. This kickass Grammy’s too young to retire for keeps!